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  3. Ninja Assassin (filming in Berlin [Germany] since 30 April - End of July 2008)
    © Warner Bros. Pictures
as Raizo (Ninja)
Photos of Rain's preparation and training in Berlin (Germany) and the movie szences by Jim Maidment, Distributer Warner Bros. Pictures
    At the Film Set  
    During Interview (Spiegel TV - Germany)  
    Rain's Preparation and training in Berlin (Germany)  
Character Jubei from "Ninja Scroll"
2. Speed Racer
    © Warner Bros. Pictures
as Taejo Togokhan (rival racer)
    Trailer 1 - Info - official Website  
1. I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK
    © Moho Fims  

Clip 1 KR -- Music Video 2 ("With You" from Rain) -- Clip 3 ("Yodel song" from Rain) -- Clip 4

  Korea Korea Korea Korea Korea  


  TV Series - Filmograhpy  
    © KBS Productionst  
  5. "A Love to Kill"  
  4. "Banjun "  
    © SBS  
  3. "Full House "  
    © KBS Productions  
  2. "Sang Doo! Let's Go To School"  
    © KBS Productions  
  1. "Orange"  
    © SBS  
  Himself Filmograhpy  


"The Colbert Report"  
    © Busboy Productions  
  Special and Short Movies  
  © J. Tune Entertainment  
  4. Rain (ピ) 's 24 hours - THE DAY
  3. All About Rain
    © J. Tune Entertainment  
  2. Road for Rain  
  © ?  
  1. BMW meets truth  
    Special Editions and DVD Packs  
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Jung Ji-Hoon / 정지훈 alias Rain (Bi / 비 in Asia)
Singer - Dancer - Actor - Model
















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