Lyric - Iswiun Bin Gong-gan


Iswiun Bin Gong-gan Iswiun Bin Gong-gan (The Empty Space / Lack of Space)
(English Translation)

Oneuldo ireohge neoui jip ape seoseo
Aswiun ipmajchumeuro neoreul deulyeobonaego
Meonghani neoui changmuneul bomyeo no no no

Waeji malryeo-oneun aswiun heoreonhame
Balgili tteoleojiji anha gyusok seo isseo
Jogeumjeonui neoui neukkim tto geuriwojyeo neoui

Ijeneun deo isang chameul suga eobseo
Maeilbam neowana saiui bingong-gan
Hangsang namgyeodun chae aswipge dolaseogi shirheo
Ijeneun neorang jagoshipeo

Neoui soneul cheoeum japassdeon nali saeng-gakna
Budeureopgo ganeun geu neukkimi neomu joha
Hajiman ije nae maeum ipmajchumeuroneun mojara

Nae gaseumeun teojyeo nigal geos gateunde
Neol bomyeon nae maeumeun chumeul chuneunde
Han dubeonui ipmajchumeuro
Nae sarangeul modu jeonhal su eobseo

Today, because I was infront of your house,
I sent uneasy kisses to you
While looking blankly into your window.

Pushed into this emptiness without knowing why..
The kick doesnt move ... its always here.
A little bit before, your feelings too were to miss me..your...

Now ... I cant take it anymore.
Tomorrow night, the void between us.
Always, I hate it how as it goes to leave, it always comes back.
Now i want to lay beside you and sleep

I remember the day when your hands first caught mine.
I liked that soft, fleeting feeling a lot.
But now my heart lacks kisses

My heart is something that breaks and comes out of my chest.
If I see you my heart does a dance.
The second time from kisses..
I cannot convey all my love

translation by: Kong SeungAh


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Iswiun Bin Gong-gan
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