Lyric - What's Love? (featuring Danny, Lexy, and JYP)


What's Love? What's Love? (English Translation)

Narel ije rado kerohke marel haedo pabokat’I aradetjil moshago.
kyosok nunch’I opsi wae chakku ttaraoni nae mali andelrini o kket’nasso.
it’s over baby
no nahant’e wonha nenge mwo ni sarang otton sarang yongwonhan
sarang yonghwae nao nen keron sarang.
yongwonhansarang yonghwae naonen kerol sarang.
hamkke sonjapgo nelgo kamyonso kongwongoro tani nen keron sarang..
wonrae kket’na nenge sarangiyo wonrae pyonha nenge sarangiyo.
patatelyo kket’nasso tolaso chelgewosso * sarangi rangon chongmal olsuga opsoyo nugudo.
hamyon halsurok touk oryowomanji nen kemiro.
yongwon halgoran midel sudu ops nen marel iyuro.
moden kol chugo kkumel pabo kat’en ppior

sarangi ranenge naege kkummun kat’don paro kettae.
nae ap’e nat’anasstan nonen naui sesangel pakkwonwassa.
naui momkwa maemel kkaewojwosso polsso niga opsi
nen na haruka nomu kiroso kyondil suga opsi nae maemen wanjonhi.
noege nomokasso ije noui sokane talryo isso naesalm.
kkene maedalrin ppioro kat’en nae mosep nae mam

hana dul ijenen sel sudo opsi nel irohke ch’aigi manhago.
maennal porimman padgo hoksi ibonen tarolke ibonen chongmari.
anilkke hanen kidaero yoksi okim opsi sansan chogaki nagodo.
myojsikani chinajido anha toraol chido molra pamyo tto kitarigo issnen.
na oti mojaran nomaninka kerohji anhgosa irohke .
ap’ege myojpone ipyorel kyokko pogodu wae kitae nen wae

chikem put’ona deni sarangi ranenge ch’omal tagado tto.
morekessgo muchokonigo oryonen suhan kongsik poda pokjap hago.
keron kol almyonso tto tashi ppajyotelgo irota choroda.
kket’inamyon malida tto tashi terama kat’en sarang chaja hemeda.
nae hon tto pach’imyo sarangha nen keron
ttaeron alsu ops nen saranghan kaeron

And just like that you say you'll forget me
But I'm a fool who just doesn't get it
Why does it never seem to make any sense?
Even though I don't listen to you I know
it is over it's over baby
How can the love that you give me last forever?
Love in the movies always lasts forever
That love that comes, long walks in the park hand in hand
Why is this love over? Why has love changed?
I accept that it is over and sadly turn away * No one can ever really know what love is
Its hard to explain what this maze is all about
They say there's no reason that it can't last forever
A clown is a fool who puts everything into their dreams

At that time love was but a dream to me
And then you appeared before me on this earth
You awakened my mind and my body
You made me complete
But too many days have passed since we are not together
My life is still complete when I am running hand in hand with you
My heart, my mind are like a clown being pulled along in a dream

One, two, I can't count how many times I've been cheated on
Maybe this time will be the very day when I get to know the truth
But I bet that my dreams are simply shattered again
I'll be waiting for a don't know how long for you to come back
And no one knows where this guy is right now
Why do I know that you will just go and break up with me and hurt me again?

And now it is time for Danny to tell you the truth about love
I've been burned by love before
Love is more complicated than a mathematical formula
And just when you think you start to understand it they go
and change the rules on you again
Love is like a drama which comes in parts
Just when you think it is over it is back on again
Love is something I will never understand

translation by: soliloquies


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What's Love?
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