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Baby Baby Baby Baby (English Translation)

Baby yocheum wae naege kalsurok do chagapke daehanen koya wae keurae.
Baby mwonga isanghae yojonen hanbondo iron chogi ops chana oh baby.
Mianhae hoksi tto naega mwol chalmos haeso keuro nengomyon osa moreul hae.
Eum...mwonji molrado naega do kojyo polge.
Keurohke mareul anhamyon nae maeume turyoumi milryoune.
Eum... ipyorilan keuljaga ttoureune....

baby baby baby urin haeojmyon andwae.
Waeirae waeirae waeiraetaejo wae ironengoya.
Naege naege naege naege oso mareul haepwa
baby baby baby baby baby baby

tareun sarmi saenggin koramyon naege charari keurohtago soljikhi malhaejwo.
Nugunji molrado napoda noreul saranghal sunen ops nengol nan ara.
Chepal hanmada malirado nal parapomyo haejulsu opsgessni.
Nal ajikdo chogeu mitado sarang hago isstamyon .
Uri chal chinaewasston naldeureul saenggakhae pomyon nodo nal irohke swipge.
Porael sunen opsnen koya

mwolrago maljom haepwa uriga chongmal haeoji nen koya.
Iriga haesston yaksokdeul do ijnen koya.
Chepal saenggak chom haepwa uriga olmana haengpok heassnenji.
Ijewa irohke modeun kol swipge poril sunen opsnen koya

Baby, Why have you been getting colder towards me lately, oh why?
Baby what can I do to make things like they used to be? Oh Baby
I'm sorry and I'm telling you that I know that I was wrong
Umm~~ I don't know what I can do to repair the harm
I'm scared that you won't accept this apology
Umm~~ Don't let this be the end~~

Baby Baby Baby We should never split up
Oh why, oh why, oh why are things like this?
So I'm trying to tell you, you, you, you
Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby

I'd rather you told me straight if you ahve found another love
But I know that no one else can love you as much as I do
Please say something to whow me how you feel
If you still love me, even if its just a little bit
Think about those good times we had together
And don't let them go away so easily

What I'm trying to say is that we really shouldn't break up
Have you forgotten that oath that we made?
Please think once more about how happy we were
And how we shouldn't throw all that away so easily

translation by: soliloquies


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Baby Baby
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